Leather and vinyl care

Because leather is a noble material, it is essential to conduct a entretienrégulier to ensure its longevity. Even if the leather bear the effects of time, the repeated contacts and abrasives can alter its appearance or alter the structure of your furniture or your seat.

That is why recourse to a professional is a good choice to feed, revive, relax, recolor or stain your leather and vinyl.

Fusion Magic réparation de cuir


Leathers often require unsolicited be cleaned before being fed. To do this, we offer a gentle shampoo specially formulated for leather degreasing slightly neutral pH. His immediate action pofondeur cleanses the pores and prevents micro abrasive dust.


On chair back, sometimes oily sebum spots appear most often where the head rests. In this case, do sutout notuse solvent that will only dilute the fat. and result in cracking during evaporation. The common practice of using household products has no degreasing action and you may damage the leather by rubbing it irreversibly, which will require you to replace the entire panel of leather.


Our treatment is to soften the leather to give it flexibility and comfort guarantee that your leather, superior durability. Moreover, our treatment restore luster to your leather that looks like new. Treatment is an addition to the regular maintenance of leather.


Fusion Magic réparation de cuirLeather should be protected against ultraviolet rays which often attack the stain of original leather. These effects are visible on the couch records often exposed to sunlight. The color fades in these areas often.

Our products contain protective antioxidants in thin layers that mitigate the effect of UV rays. They avoid crazing early for your leather.

We offer our customers a mobile service to ensure a quality and professional work.

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